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Find the Best Talent

The search for top talent is global, intense and very competitive. Thatís why when it comes to their key people and personnel, most major Canadian firms and many companies on the Fortune 500 list use executive search consultants to help them find the right man or woman for their executive-level positions. The fact is, that almost all this high-level talent is already gainfully employed. Why wouldnít they be? They are qualified, capable and in demand. Executive search recruiters find them, recruit them, and negotiate with them to bring them over to a new team. Thatís one of the reasons why firms pay for their services. But there are others.

Assessment Tests for Better Hiring
Many companies have already moved to pre-testing candidates for positions within their organization. This is particularly true for their senior and managerial level positions.

Answering the Call: Ending Sexual Harassment
The Weinstein scandal and the subsequent groundswell created by the #MeToo movement has put a spotlight on an issue that plagued workplace environments for decades.

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Cry Me A River: Emotions at Work
Everyone knows keeping emotions in check isn't always easy. But is it ever OK to express feelings of sadness or frustration on the job?


Fed. Govít. Launches Funding Improve Participation of Canadians With Disabilities in the Labour Market

Statement by the Prime Minister on the National Day of Mourning

Hiring Aspiring Workers Living With Mental Illness Makes Cents

Fewer Canadians Have Disability Coverage Through Workplace Benefits, Leaving Them More At Risk

Leading Business Students Expect Technology Will Boost, Not Threaten, Their Careers

Statement by Ministers Hajdu, Monsef, Champagne and Freeland on Labour 7 Summit

The 'Holy Grail' for Job-Seekers: Canada's Top Small & Medium Employers for 2018

Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health Announces the 2018 Champions of Mental Health



BC: New and Extended Leaves Support Working Families

SK: Fed. Govít. Invests in Saskatchewan Innovation, Training and Economic Development Initiatives

ON: Drive, Walk or Cycle on the Job? Here's Help Getting Home Safely

ON: Ontario Court Decision Favouring Uber Threatens Workplace Rights

NS: Prov. Misses Mark On Domestic Violence Leave

YK: Fed. Govít Provides Opportunities For Youth in Skilled Trades and Stem in Yukon

NB: Regulations proposed to address workplace violence and harassment

PE: Fed. Govít. Announces Investments to Help Workers in Seasonal Industries in PEI

This Month
Top Challenges of the Modern Manager: Dealing with People
Many corporate problems are actually people problems.

One Great Way to Help You Find the Best Talent: Executive Search
Executive search recruiters find and recruit higher quality personnel.
Assessment Tests for Better Hiring
Assessment tests may be a better determinant of future performance and aptitude than a resume or CV.

Mover on Disability Leave Was Entitled to Pay in Lieu of Working Notice
An employee who isnít working canít be given working notice, a judge found.
Termination of Oil Rig Worker with Marijuana In His Pocket Is Upheld
Anyone working on a rig ďmust have their wits about themĒ and marijuana can jeopardize safety, the arbitrator said.
Supreme Court Decision Requires Workersí Compensation Recipients to Be Accommodated
Being injured at work should not deprive disabled people from being accommodated, court finds.

Answering The Call: How To End Workplace Sexual Harassment For Good
The most powerful way to prevent sexual misconduct is to change your workplace culture.
Stand-alone Policies Are Essential To Preventing Sexual Harassment In The Workplace
Organizations should empower HR staff to implement, train and enforce sexual harassment policies.

Shop Talk
Does Job Hopping Help or Hurt Your Career?
Survey reveals Canadian workers favour frequent job changes, but managers aren't on board.
Cry Me A River: Emotions in the Workplace
Occasionally getting emotional at work is understandable, but frequent upsets can damage your reputation.

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