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Wellness Programs that Work

An effective workplace wellness program is a great way for companies to demonstrate that they value their workforce. In addition, it can help create a more engaged and productive workforce, reduce a company’s overall healthcare costs, and strengthen team spirit among employees. Wellness is not just about physical wellbeing but also covers mental and emotional health. Programs can incorporate a wide range of activities, from physical fitness sessions, to quit smoking programs, blood pressure testing, and stress management workshops. What you choose to offer will depend on various factors, such as the size of your workforce, the industry you operate in, and the resources your company has to devote to the program.

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Diversity & Inclusion at Work
Diversity without inclusion is unlikely to succeed. Recruiting a diverse workforce requires thoughtful deliberation and a willingness to commit resources to finding the right people.

Time to Assess How You’re Using Your Time?
An old fable tells of a farmer with a wagon brimming full of cabbage heading to a new market. He stops for directions and asks, “How far is it to the market?” The man replies, “It’s about an hour if you go slowly but if you rush it will take all day.”

Body Language of Collaborative Leaders
When you use warm, “pro-social” body language with all team members, you create an emotionally rich environment that supports collaboration and high performance.



Evolving Workplace Trends Force Office Occupiers and Owners to Adjust Traditional Strategies

Fed. Gov’t Helping To Improve The Access Of People With Disabilities To The Workforce

Fed. Govt Will Provide 1,200 Paid Internships To Graduates



BC: Helping Students Succeed Through Work-integrated Learning

MB: Prov. Releases Reports on Sexual Harassment and Respect in the Workplace

NS: Students Across The Province Are Gaining Valuable Work Experience

PE: Fed./Prov. Gov’t. to Make Significant Investments That Will Improve the Lives of Canadians

This Month
Nothing is Private Anymore
Taking back personal information you've put out there can be like putting toothpaste back in a tube.

Building a Successful Workplace Wellness Program
A top-quality wellness program should be seen as one of your company's key assets.
Diversity & Inclusion in The Workplace: How to Create the Conditions for Diverse Views to be Shared & Heard
It is crucial to remember that people need to feel included and supported in order to think innovatively.

Company Ordered to Pay Hundreds of Thousands to Fired President
A judge awarded the man punitive damages because the company tried to intimidate him with a countersuit.
Employee Convicted of Sexual Molestation Was Wrongfully Dismissed
His conviction for molesting a child had nothing to do with his work duties, a Tribunal found.
Requiring Proof of Permanent Work Eligibility Is Discriminatory, Tribunal Finds
Requiring candidates to prove they can permanently work in Canada discriminates against non-citizens.

Time to Assess How You’re Using Your Time?
The old adage “time is money” is more true than ever in the new digital environment.
Meeting of the Minds: Canadian Workers and Executives Dread Wasted Time, Interruptions
25% of meetings feel like wasted time, say surveyed professionals.

Shop Talk
The Body Language of Collaborative Leaders
If you really want to foster collaboration, make sure you act like it!
Salaries Expected to Increase by 2.6% in 2019
HR leaders identify salary -- and other trends -- for the coming months.

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