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Harassment in the Workplace

We Don't Have a Problem. Some people like to think that there is no harassment in their workplace because no one has ever complained about it. But just because no one has brought it forward doesn't mean it doesn't exist. The fact is that there are very few workplaces without some form of harassment or bullying and those suffering from this form of abuse may have a number of reasons why they do not want to bring this matter forward. This includes being afraid of retaliation, embarrassment or even losing their job. Most importantly they may feel that they won't be believed, especially if the harassment is being done by their boss or supervisor. The fact of the matter is that harassment exists and every employer should have a proactive plan to deal with this issue.

Young Workers: Keeping them Safe
Young people coming into the workplace bring a great deal of energy and enthusiasm to their work. But too many of them enter the workforce with little real life experience and this makes them much more susceptible to real life...

The Emotionally Powerful Leader
I must say from the outset that when the words “leadership” and “emotions” are used in the same sentence, I cringe. (Actually, a minute electrical signal is passed from my brain stem to a little almond-shaped thingy in my brain...

Volunteering to Get Ahead
Volunteering is a great tradition and every year millions of Canadians volunteer their time and energy to religious, health, sports, and community social services. The last survey by Statistics Canada showed that about 45% of...



Expand CPP to Ease Canadians' Pension Problems, New Study Says

Supporting Canada’s Economy, Government of Canada Maintains Historically High Rate of Immigration

Economic Recovery is Hollow Without Full-Time Jobs in Value Added Sectors

Top 40 Global Mining Companies Show Signs of Financial Recovery

Increased Risk as More Canadians Enter the Global Marketplace

Auto Parts Workers Say "No More Cuts"

Canada’s Software CEOs Predict Strong Year of Growth

Canadian Organizations Can Learn From Global Talent Management Programs

Government of Canada Moves to Enhance Safety and Security in the Online Marketplace

Government of Canada Protects Jobs Through Work-Sharing



ON: Early Learning Program at Risk?

BC: Living Wage Law a Positive Step to Fight Poverty

MB: Invests in Literacy and Essential Skills Project for Older Workers and Employers

NT: Supplementary Health Benefits Program to be Finalized by Joint Working Group

AB: New Scholarship will Help Students Reach for Excellence at International Skills Competitions

NS: Investment Makes Job Skills Programs More Accessible

NB: Province Supports 70 Jobs at Information Technology Firm

This Month
Make Them Feel At Home
After all it’s going to be their home for a long time to come

Have a Plan to Deal with Harassment in the Workplace
If you follow these steps you will go a long ways to protecting your employees and your entire organization
Young Workers: Keeping them Safe
The key to keeping young workers safe on the job is proper supervision
Are unions losing their purpose?
The rate of unionization in this country is in dramatic decline, particularly in the private sector

Manager Given 10 Months’ Notice after Falsifying Expense Claims
Dishonesty is never trivial, but human beings are not perfect
Arbitrator to Reconsider Case of Cashier Fired for Dishonesty
The union successfully appealed the arbitrator’s award of six months’ back pay instead of reinstatement
Employee Fired while Awaiting Surgery Awarded $25,000
The employer did not want to wait beyond six months to keep the man’s job open for him

The Emotionally Powerful Leader
The single most powerful force in the domain of leadership is emotion
Arbitrator Orders Employer to Pay over $500,000 for Bad Faith Termination
This decision confirms that arbitrators will order significant monetary awards where employers have acted in bad faith

Shop Talk
Volunteering to Get Ahead
volunteering can not only expand your network and let you learn new skills but you will also be happier and healthier
Plan Your Conversations to Succeed
Give this five-step process a try for a couple of weeks

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